Arkadian Legal is a New Delhi based law firm that provides comprehensive legal solutions to a variety of clients across sectors. Among our clients are multiple startups which we have serviced from their inception, multinational companies, major businesses, consumer associations, and individual litigants.

We are engaged in dispute resolution and advisory work, and our core practice areas include technology law, intellectual property, general corporate, regulatory and policy, competition law, insolvency, real estate, and employment law. We handle arbitrations, mediation and all forms of litigation, representing clients across all courts and tribunals in New Delhi.

At Arkadian Legal, we care about clients and our relationship with our clients. We take pride in our client-oriented approach and commitment to consistent quality, and in our passionate attention to detail that is always mindful of the big picture. The key strength of our firm is the unwavering commitment to delivering high quality services efficiently, tapping into in-depth knowledge for innovation. We are dedicated to understanding and facilitating clients' interests, and together these qualities make us the law firm of choice for businesses of all sizes, interest groups, government agencies, public organisations, and private individuals.

We believe that navigating the law should be a smooth process that helps you with your goals rather than hindering your progress. We put this belief into action through our approach to strategising and executing legal processes in the smoothest and most cost effective way. Our lawyers are reliable, prompt, responsive, and devoted to achieving the desired business results. As a firm of tech savvy lawyers that practice on the cutting edge, we offer a unique level of understanding to new technology companies and ventures by young entrepreneurs.